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  • Furnace Services in Los Angeles, CA

    Furnaces have maintained their spot as the most popular type of heating system for Los Angeles homes over more than a century. Furnaces continue to evolve with the times, and it seems likely they will be with us for a century to come. Chances are high that you have a furnace warming your household, or else you are planning to install one. If this is the case, the place to look for excellent service for your furnace is AZ Air Conditioning and Heating. We have more than 30 years of experience bringing quality furnace repair, installation, and maintenance work to the residents of Los Angeles, CA and the neighboring towns. Our customers keep coming back to us to see that their house remains warm during the occasional cold spells in the area. Give us a call today to schedule furnace services in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

    If you require professional service for a furnace in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas, call the heating experts at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating and arrange an appointment.

    Save money with our maintenance program

    • Check filter
    • Check refrigerant pressure
    • Check temperature
    • Check temperature difference
    • Check for noise and vibration
    • Carbon monoxide test on heaters
    • Check gas piping & valve
    • Visually check air duct
    • Check register style & level
    • Check drain pan
    • Check low voltage wiring

    More Benefits

    Los Angeles Furnace Installation & Replacement Services

    If the furnace in your home has been working for many years (perhaps it was already old when you first moved in) it will eventually reach a point where it will begin to lose efficiency and require numerous repairs to keep it operating. You should consider having it replaced with a new and more efficient unit, and our heating team is happy to help you with determining the right replacement system and then installing it quickly.

    You have a number of different options when it comes to new installation or replacement for a furnace. Here are the two main ones to consider:

    Gas Furnaces

    By far the most common type of home heating system in the country, the gas furnace has the advantage of relatively inexpensive fuel costs combined with powerful levels of heat output. Gas furnaces are built for greater safety today than ever before, so as long as you keep up with regular maintenance and prompt repairs, a gas furnace should provide your household with years of cozy and safe warmth.

    Electric Furnaces

    When a gas furnace is not an available option, either because a home lacks a gas line or the homeowner does not want to use natural gas for the household, an electric furnace is a good alternative. These systems have some unique advantages as well, such as fewer repair needs, longer service lives, and less expensive upfront costs.

    Call for Los Angeles Furnace Repair Needs

    Even if you have an electric furnace, you must never attempt to handle repair work on your own. Tampering with any kind of furnace is potentially hazardous—and it most likely will not result in an effective repair that will last. Do not take chances on either injury or a poorly working heating system: call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating any time of the day or night for repairs.

    Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance in Los Angeles

    The secret to a furnace that endures for many years while still working at peak energy efficiency is routine maintenance. An annual visit from an experienced technician will make all the difference in how well a furnace does its job and how many repairs it may need in the future. Give us a call today to ask about our regular maintenance program for your heating system.

    Schedule Furnace Services in LA & the Surrounding Area

    Is it time to install the first furnace for your new home? Is the current furnace for your house finally starting to fail and you wish to replace it? Do you require repairs to keep a faulty furnace running? Or is your furnace due for its annual maintenance inspection and tune–up? Whatever it is that you need for furnace service in Los Angeles, CA, depend on AZ Air Conditioning and Heating for the quality work that will leave you completely satisfied—and warm as well! Contact us today to schedule furnace services in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

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