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    More Benefits

    Only professional plumbers and heating and air conditioning technicians can provide the work necessary to keep a home life comfortable and convenient around the year. AZ Air Conditioning and Heating is proud of the many services we offer to Sherman Oaks, CA for residential HVAC and plumbing, and we also extend our skills to heating and cooling for commercial buildings. We have been in the business of comfort since 1984, and when you contact us for service you are making a great investment. No matter the type and size of the job, depend on us to get it done right the first time.

    AZ Air Conditioning and Heating provides quality air conditioning, heating, plumbing and commercial HVAC services within Sherman Oaks, CA.

    Do You Need an Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Sherman Oaks, CA?

    The #1 priority for comfort during the year in Sherman Oaks is cooling. An effective air conditioning system for a home isn’t optional! AZ Air Conditioning and Heating is dedicated to delivering services for air conditioners in the area that keep homes comfortable throughout the many warm days in Southern California. Our AC services are comprehensive and available for many models, so no matter your needs—from ductless air conditioning installation to repairs for a standard AC that won’t provide the necessary cooling—you can count on our reliable and experienced staff to get to work done.

    We Offer Air Conditioning Installation

    From selecting a new system to hooking up the thermostats, you must have the help of trained AC experts for new air conditioning installation. You do not want to risk getting the wrong system, or have the right system be put in incorrectly so that it cannot do the job expected of it. Our technicians will perform the quality job you need each step of the way. If you are in the market for ductless air conditioning, or a solar air conditioner, we can help you in that area as well.

    We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

    If your home begins to feel too warm when the air conditioning system is running, it is probably time to call for AC repair professionals to look into it. Modern air conditioners are too complicated for amateurs or DIY enthusiasts to be able to fix them, so save yourself time and hassles and contact our heating experts first to handle your misbehaving AC. We will see that it gets back to working just as it should.

    Do You Need a Heating System or Heater Services?

    Are you interested in heat pumps for your next heating installation? Or do you have a furnace that is struggling to supply you with adequate heat? Is it time for the annual inspection of your ductless heating system? For all these jobs—installation, repairs, and maintenance—you can rely on AZ Air Conditioning and Heating to give you top quality service. We work on a wide range of heating systems in Sherman Oaks. Call us to discover more about what we can do to see that your home receives the warmth it needs during cold spells.

    We Offer Heating Repair

    At the first indication that the heating system warming your home has started to malfunction, call for repairs from our skilled technicians. It is very important that you do not attempt any repair work on your own, as it could create serious safety hazards and will almost certainly result in a heater that works inefficiently and will soon require further, more expensive repairs. Take the short–cut to a properly working heating system and give AZ Air Conditioning and Heating a call—any time of the day or night.

    Types of Furnaces We Offer and Service

    The two types of furnaces found in almost all homes are the gas furnace and the electric furnace. Our heating experts are trained and experienced with servicing both. No matter if you need a new furnace installed in a home or precision repairs for an older one, you can depend on us to deliver the work.

    Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

    The U.S. EPA has identified low indoor air quality as a significant threat to health in the U.S.—and AZ Air Conditioning and Heating wants to help! Our indoor air quality experts in Sherman Oaks, CA will identify the issues with the air in your home and then install and service devices that will help eliminate them, such as air filtrations systems and air purifiers, allowing everyone in your house to enjoy increased health and comfort. You can also count on us for new and replacement insulation so that the heat sealing on your home doesn’t suffer and lead to discomfort in both cold and warm weather.

    We Offer Air Purifiers

    The small polluting particles passing through the HVAC system of a home and into the air of the living spaces can include dust, lint, construction debris, dust mites, smoke, chemicals, and even bacteria and toxic mold spores. How can you reduce these hazards? A professionally installed air purifier is one of the best solutions, and our air quality experts will find the type of purifier that will target the specific contaminants lurking inside your home. Make an appointment with us today.

    We Offer Humidifiers

    Southern California’s weather often leans toward the dry side of the spectrum, and this can lead to problems during colder temperatures, including health issues such as dried sinuses and itchy eyes and skin. Our staff of IAQ professionals can help resolve these troubles with the installation of an effective whole–house humidifier that goes far beyond what a small portable humidifier can do. Get in touch with us today when you think you need a humidifier for your house.

    We Offer Dehumidifiers

    What if you are experiencing the opposite problem in your home; excess humidity? We have an answer for that as well: installing a whole–house dehumidifier to remove the moisture. Installing a dehumidifier requires skill and knowledge so that the new system does not accidentally end up creating dry air instead. If you have a muggy, uncomfortable home, contact our indoor air quality specialists today for the solution.

    Are You in the Market for a New Water Heater?

    Life in a house without a working hot water heater is hard to imagine. At AZ Air Conditioning and Heating, we want to make sure that this possibility remains only in your imagination and doesn’t actually occur. With our professionals on the job, you will receive the finest new system to supply your home with sufficient hot water. We also provide repairs for water heaters that are having problems and water heater maintenance services that will help make sure that the hot water always keeps flowing in your house.

    We Offer Water Heater Installation

    Do you need a water heater replacement? Do you require a tank water heater for your new home? Or are you interested in installing a new type of system, such as an electric water heater or perhaps an innovative solar water heater? You can have any of these jobs arranged with one call to our water heater installers. Our experts will help you navigate your choices and then provide you with an excellent installation.

    We Offer Water Heater Repair

    Is it time to call on professionals to fix your ailing water heater? Our team is experienced with every type of malfunction that a residential water heater may encounter, and when you call on them you can expect to have hot water once again flowing from your taps only a short time later.

    The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

    You no longer need a massive, space–consuming, and energy–inefficient storage tank for a water heater. You can opt instead for installation of a tankless water heater. Aside from saving space, a tankless water heater will last longer than other systems, consume less power, and best of all will provide a continual flow of hot water—without risk of running out! Let our specialists assist you with tankless water heater installation today.

    Are You in Need of a Local Plumber or Professional Plumbing Services in Sherman Oaks?

    Never take chances when caring for the plumbing that supplies your house with fresh water and safely removes its wastewater. Poor repairs and shoddy installation jobs can make the plumbing system into a nightmare. Call on AZ Air Conditioning and Heating when you want the work done right, and done on time. Our plumbing services in Sherman Oaks are extensive and comprehensive, and there is no job that’s too large or too small. For quality work every time, look to us.

    Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services in Sherman Oaks, CA?

    Maintaining a work environment that is pleasant and relaxing is crucial for whatever type of business space you operate. You never want to trust services for your commercial air conditioning and heating to amateurs or technicians who lack experience with the requirements of the HVAC system in a business. Instead, turn to on experience and skill: AZ Air Conditioning and Heating. We provide comprehensive commercial HVAC services in Sherman Oaks, California and have for many years. We are also happy to help you with residential plumbing, heating, and cooling—from installations to regular maintenance.

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