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    At AZ Air Conditioning and Heating, we believe that you deserve to live and work comfortably all year long, regardless of what the weather outside may have in store for us. In order to achieve this goal, however, it is necessary that you schedule your air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and commercial HVAC services in Thousand Oaks, CA with a skilled, trained professional. That way you can count on all of your residential and commercial comfort systems to operate at peak performance and efficiency levels.

    Give us a call any time if you are ready to discuss the products and services available to you. Contact us today to schedule plumbing and HVAC services in Thousand Oaks, CA and the surrounding area.

    Are you in need of a local plumber or HVAC technician? AZ Air Conditioning and Heating offers reliable air conditioning, heating and plumbing services throughout the Thousand Oaks, CA area. Schedule service today!

    Air Conditioning Services in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Needless to say, every home in this area should have a great air conditioning system installed therein. There are just too many days throughout the year which are just too hot to not have an AC that you can count on. When you use something as much as you will your air conditioner, it is important that that system is in great operating condition. Ensure that this is the case. If you require an air conditioner or any air conditioning services in Thousand Oaks, CA, we are the company to call.

    Air Conditioning Installation

    Part of the challenge of cooling your home to your liking is simply determining which air conditioner is the right fit for your personal usage habits. We have a great selection of air conditioners for you to choose from, and we are more than happy to help you determine which is right for your home. Schedule your air conditioning installation in Thousand Oaks, CA with us. We install many different products, including ductless air conditioning systems, solar air conditioners, and thermostats.

    We Offer Air Conditioning Replacement Options

    No mechanical system will last forever, and your air conditioner is not the exception to this rule. If you want to make sure that your air conditioner is there for you when you need it most, you may require an air conditioning replacement. When you do, count on us to guarantee the successful completion of the job. If it’s time to replace your air conditioner, AZ Air Conditioning and Heating offers air conditioning replacement in Thousand Oaks.

    Thousand Oaks AC Repair Services

    Are there hot spots throughout your home? Have you noticed an increase in your cooling costs? Does your AC make a strange, alarming sound? Whatever the problem is, our Thousand Oaks, CA air conditioning repair experts will resolve it thoroughly. Schedule your AC repair with us.

    Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

    You cannot expect your air conditioner to function properly if you do not take care of it. This is actually quite simple to do. All that it requires is for you to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance with a qualified AC technician. Just contact us in order to do so.

    Heating Services in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Never assume that our warm climate means that your heater is not as important as your AC. While it may not see quite as much use as your air conditioner, your heater is nonetheless an indispensable part of your home comfort system. When you need a heating system or heating services in Thousand Oaks, CA, you need only call the pros on our team.

    Heating Installation in Thousand Oaks, CA

    The first step in ensuring a successful performance from your heating system is to schedule your heating installation in Thousand Oaks, CA with a qualified heating AC technician. There is no other way to ensure that your system will operate effectively, efficiently, or even safely. Just let us know when you are ready to have a new heater installed, and we’ll get the job done right. We carry a great selection of heaters, including ductless heating systems and heat pumps.

    24–Hour Heating Repair Services in Thousand Oaks

    Any number of problems may conspire to devastate the operation of your heating system. At the very first sign of trouble, it is vital that you contact us to schedule heating repair immediately. Putting off any necessary heating repairs is only going to any problems the time they need to worsen. Call us for heating repair service in Thousand Oaks, as soon as you suspect a problem.

    Furnace Repair & Installation Services

    There are a number of reasons why so many homeowners still choose to heat their homes with furnaces. These systems are quite efficient and are also very reliable when properly serviced. We will help you choose the right furnace for your home. We carry a number of great models, including natural gas furnaces and electric furnaces.

    Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

    There is no reason why you should put up with subpar indoor air quality in Thousand Oaks, CA. If you are at all concerned about the air that you breathe for any reason, we can help. Our IAQ specialists have the training, tools, and products they need to help you improve the quality of the air throughout your house. From air filtration systems to insulation services, you can trust us to clean up the air in your home.

    We Install and Service Air Purifiers

    Air purifiers are a very common and effective means by which to boost indoor air quality. We have just the air purifier for any occasion, including electronic air purifiers and UV air purifiers. Let us evaluate your situation, and we are certain that we can find the right air purifier for your unique IAQ challenges.

    Whole–Home Humidifiers

    It is possible for the air in your home to dry out to an inappropriate degree. When this happens you may suffer from allergy symptoms, dry skin, bloody noses, and other problems. The installation of a humidifier by a trained professional is the best way in which to avoid such unpleasantries. At AZ Air Conditioning and Heating, we install and service humidifiers in Thousand Oaks, call us to set up an appointment.

    We Install and Service Dehumidifiers

    A dehumidifier is necessary if the air in your home has too high a moisture concentration. This may not sound like that big a deal to some. However, just keep in mind the fact that excessive humidity levels can lead to mold growth, wood rot, and other problems. When you use a whole–house dehumidifier, you can protect yourself from the problems that humidity can lead to.

    Water Heater Services in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Do you need a new water heater in Thousand Oaks, CA? If so, you are already looking in the right place. We install and service water heaters, and our water heater maintenance program will keep your system up and running effectively. No matter what type of water heater you may choose, our team will make sure that you get the best performance that it has to offer.

    Call Us for Water Heater Installation

    We carry a great selection of tank water heaters, electric water heaters, and solar water heaters for installation in your home. We can also handle any water heater replacement services that you may need. When it comes to water heater installation and replacement in Thousand Oaks, CA, you can trust our technicians to do the job correctly.

    Water Heater Repair in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Mechanical systems falter from time to time. The key to minimize any problems that may develop with your water heater is to schedule professional water heater repair at the very first sign of trouble. If you think that your water heater is not operating properly, please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule service.

    The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

    There are a lot of different water heaters for you to choose from, and it is important that you make the right choice. Our water heater technicians will help you to do so. One option that you should certainly be aware of is the tankless water. Tankless water heaters can help you to heat water with greater efficiency, so let us know if you are interested in giving one a try.

    Plumbing Services in Thousand Oaks, CA

    A professional plumber is the only person who should ever be allowed to handle your plumbing services in Thousand Oaks, CA. You depend on your plumbing system way too much to take any risks with its operation due to amateur or DIY service attempts. If you need any plumbing installation, repair, or maintenance services, let a Thousand Oaks plumber on our team handle the job so that you know it is done right.

    Call for Drain Cleaning Services

    If you live in Thousand Oaks, you’re probably used to typical methods of drain cleaning, like cleansers bought at the store. But plumbing technology has advanced, and here at AZ Air Conditioning and Heating, we pride ourselves on advancing with it. It means we’ll find the method that can properly do the job, tailored to fit the specific nature of the clog. That way, the problem won’t come back to bother you in a few weeks or months. Call on us today and let us show you what we can do!

    Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services?

    It can be difficult to keep your commercial property comfortable throughout the year, especially in an efficient manner. Of course, it is a whole lot easier when you schedule your commercial HVAC services with us. If you need any commercial heating or commercial air conditioning installation services, just call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating. We are the company to count on for quality heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and commercial HVAC services in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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