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    • Check low voltage wiring

    More Benefits

    At AZ Air Conditioning and Heating, our goal is simple; to help our clients live and work in the uninterrupted comfort that we know they deserve. With our comprehensive air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and commercial HVAC services in Westlake Village, CA, we can ensure that this is the case. Call today to schedule service with the pros that you know you can trust to get the job done right.

    Are you in need of a local plumber or HVAC technician? AZ Air Conditioning and Heating offers reliable air conditioning, heating and plumbing services throughout the Westlake Village, CA area. Schedule service today!

    Do You Need an Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Westlake Village?

    If you are at all serious about protecting your comfort during the hottest time of the year, then please remember that you need more than just a great air conditioner. You must also schedule all of your air conditioning services with a professional you can count on. Doing so is as simple as picking up the phone and dialing our number.

    We Offer Air Conditioning Installation

    The quality of your air conditioning installation is every bit as important to its overall performance as the quality of the system itself. We specialize in installing all sorts of air conditioning systems throughout Westlake Village, including ductless air conditioning and solar air conditioners. Contact us today to learn more about available options.

    We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

    All air conditioners are subject to wear and tear and occasional operational problems. When you need AC repair, it is best to act fast. The sooner you schedule any necessary air conditioning repair services, the better off your system is likely to be.

    Do You Need a Heating System or Heater Services in Westlake Village?          

    Make sure that your heater is able to keep up with your heating demand. If you need to schedule heating services in Westlake Village, call to speak with a member of our team. We install and service some of the finest heating systems on the market today.

    We Offer Heating Installation

    No heater will function at peak performance and efficiency levels if not properly installed. Yours may not even operate safely. To guarantee that your heat pump, ductless heating system, or any other heater is properly installed, just schedule your heating installation with our staff.

    We Offer Heating Repair

    Your heater will run into an operational problem of some sort at some point. Sorry if that sounds vague, but it is simply an inevitably. Given the importance of your heating system, we suggest that you schedule immediate heating repair if you suspect that there is an issue with your heater.

    Types of Furnaces We Offer and Service

    Do you want to ensure that you get the very best performance that your furnace has to offer? If so, schedule your furnace installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services with the pros on our squad. We install and service a number of different furnaces in Westlake Village, CA, including electric furnaces.

    Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?         

    Make sure that you are breathing the cleanest, purest air possible in your home. All that you need to do in order to do so is to dial our number. Our Westlake Village indoor air quality specialists are ready and willing to help you clean up the air that you breathe in your home.

    We Offer Air Purifiers

    Using an air purifier is a great way in which to improve the quality of the air in your home. Just remember, though, that you must use the right air purifier for your particular needs. We’ll make sure that you have the information you need to choose your air purifier wisely.

    We Offer Humidifiers

    Don’t let very dry air leave you with cracked, itchy skin and splitting wood in your home. Use a whole–house humidifier in order to inject the right amount of humidity back into the air within your house. That way, you can protect your comfort, health, and property all at once.

    We Offer Dehumidifiers

    Should you have too much humidity in the air throughout your living space, you’re no better off than you’d be with too little. High humidity levels can lead to issues with wood rot, mold growth, and other problems. Fortunately, our staff is here to install a whole–house dehumidifier for you to use in drying out the air in your home.

    Are You in the Market for a New Water Heater in Westlake Village?

    Do you need a new water heater? If so, just give us a call. We do it all, from the installation of new water heaters to top notch water heater maintenance.   

    We Offer Water Heater Installation

    If your water heater is not of the right size and design for your needs, there is just no way in which you can hope for it to satisfy your needs. Contact us to ensure that your water heater installation is a complete success. We also offer water heater replacement and a variety of models, including tank water heaters and solar water heaters.

    We Offer Water Heater Repair

    When your water heater fails to heat a sufficient amount of water, it can be very problematic. Should it start leaking, you may be looking at substantial water damage. No matter how minor you may think that a problem may be, it is always in your best interest to schedule your water heater repair as soon as you suspect that there is an issue.

    The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

    Using a tankless water heater allows you to heat water with great efficiency and convenience. This is because they are small and heat only the water that you need, as you need it. We install and service tankless water heaters in Westlake Village.

    Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services in Westlake Village, CA?        

    Don’t take any chances when it comes to your commercial HVAC services in Westlake Village, CA. For commercial heating and commercial air conditioning services that you can truly count on, just call AZ Air Conditioning and Heating. We never leave anything to chance.

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